Monday, February 23, 2009

Road Trip!

On Sunday, after my daughter's baby shower, my best friend Cathy and I set off from California to Boise to make it to the birth of her daughter. My daughter also lives in Boise as well as two of my grandsons.

Have you ever taken a road trip with a best friend?

We've travelled a lot together, mostly flying. This was our first really big road trip after being friends for 34 years! We were punchy, laughed a lot, and arrived after 13 hours of driving with just a few stops.

One stop in Oregon was a little like Deliverance. Scary!

Leaving Visalia

Through Sacramento

Through Winnemucca Nevada (Had never heard of it!)

To St Lukes in Boise

We got there in time to see the baby born. I was able to help Lindsay, who I consider my niece, with pushing. See, I used to be a Doula for many many years. It's as natural as breathing for me when I get around a laboring woman!

Pics of the baby in my next post. Her name is Teagan Rose.

I plan to scope out some boutiques while I'm here and show what Boise has to offer.

Tell me about a road trip you took with a friend, okay?


  1. I love your photographs Lisa. You have such a great eye....
    and I welcome Teagan Rose....a new little this world.
    What a great trip to take with a dear friend to see the birth of a new precious soul.

  2. Thanks so much, Marilyn!

    I think I have the comment feature fixed now, also.

  3. Good GRIEF!!! That is dedication. Nothing funner than women traveling together, then birthin' a baby! Thanks for sharing your adventure.
    You asked!
    Two trips come to mind, but with sisters...
    Once going thru Savannah w/ lil sis and stopped for gas. Got so silly and laughing that I pulled away without removing the gas nozzle from the car. Two men came running and yelling,
    The other time was with oldest sis going thru Death Valley at 140 degrees with no AC and windows down. We noticed when we stopped that we had been carrying a camp stove canister that said,
    Sorry I couldn't give you any ammo for smart assiness on my blog, Miss LIsa. I messed up big. I am fallin' down on the job!

  4. Great post Lisa! Congratulations and blessings for the arrival of Teagan Rose! And I loved seeing your daughters and grandsons!!!! I bet you are the best Bubbies around!!!

    I have taken roadtrips with Girlfriends, and they are the best!

    When I was eleven, my family of four were traveling in a motorhome upt to Canada and back via Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and we BROKE DOWN in Winnemucca!!!! Not a favorite memory of mine!

    Thanks for taking us along!

  5. how fun...I love that you were a doula. I work part time in L&D as a CNA and there arent that many around anymore.

  6. I LOVE Road trips!!!! I'll be doing one myself soon from AZ to your neck of the woods. One of my best friends, my SIL, will be coming with me.

    I love the photos you took. Thanks for sharing!!!