Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Comments on Flor's Art

Flor Larios asked me in a comment on my last blog to tell me which words I would use to describe her art. I had already been to Flor's site and I like her work to start with.

First I'll show you some of her work and then I will share the comments that we exchanged.

Flor has two different styles: her almost whimsical paintings and her collage work.

flor 5

flor 1

flor 3

flor 4

My Comment on Flor's Blog:

Words to describe your paintings: feminine, whimsical, and light-feeling. I see large eyes that see everything and smaller mouths that don't say too much. Quiet observation. I see a celebration of being a woman.

Now that being said, I want to talk about your Frida Collages. The shrine that you recently did with Frida in Traction
[The Broken Column] is a powerful piece. The crosses, too. Frida sees and doesn't speak. She cries silently in her paintings and I think that you have expressed it beautifully. Especially in the one where she has the skull on the forehead. Did you put that in there? If so, it was brilliant. She sees her mortality. There is a boldness in those designs and you have tied the details together beautifully. I would love to see you make more of that type of collage as well as your paintings..."

"I want to tell you a quick story about seeing the Frida exhibit in San Francisco last summer. I had seen the Frida in traction [The Broken Column] painting in books before but when I stood in front of the actual work, it felt like all the pain and sadness came flooding into me and I understood what she was trying to say. I nearly couldn't stop crying. And the collage you did like that brought it back and expressed it very well. Very nice work, Flor!"

And Flor's comment back to me:

"I just have to say wow! You described my personality looking at my paintings...I am impressed! ..."


  1. I think you nailed it Lisa! You have a great way with words. All I can say is that her work is amazing!

  2. Oh Lisa, this is the first time I see this post. What a surprise! Thank you for describing my art! You really capture what I see and feel.
    Thanks :)