Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Works in Progress

Here are a few things that I'm working on lately:

Button bracelets using all antique and vintage buttons and some beads (thanks to Deryn, Kelly, and everyone at A Charming Exchange to get me started and unafraid!):

Polymer focal pendants: (I can't seem to get a decent picture of the others today. But I have a light tent coming!)

I'm looking forward to taking better pictures later this week. I have several pendants going and I'm trying to get a little stock to fill at least one page on my Etsy Store!

Here's to a great week!


  1. I love your bracelets. Great job. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words

  2. Your bracelets are fantastic! I love buttons and you've used them so perfectly.

    And the polymer pendant is beautiful....light tent or not.

  3. Oh, these are FUN! Nice to see you stop by my blog, Lisa. You've made the button bracelets look like they would be easy to make with the twisted wire. I've always wondered how people make them by crocheting them. Your method is better.

  4. Your button bracelets are so great!! They remind me of an old tin that I have that is filled with my Grandmothers buttons.

  5. Lisa your button bracelets are wonderful! I haven't made any jewelry from buttons in several years, but it is such a fantastic
    way to use vintage buttons. Like your pendant too!

  6. Ohhhh I really love those button bracelets you are making!

  7. I love the focal pendant Lisa. Absolutely beautiful with the colors! the bracelets are great too! let me know how your light tent works out! i am looking for one - i am still using a handmade one (cardboard box) lol

  8. Hey Lisa,
    I'll bet the jingly sound these bracelets make is as good as they are CUTE!
    You had me cracking up this morning with your Union Muse comment. I'll be making string or tin foil balls until mine gets off vacation. Irritating Muse.
    Good luck with the Etsy shop stocking. I'll be stopping by.

  9. Ronnie, If you see my muse, please tell her that her break time is over!

  10. These button bracelets are amazing. But I think the poppy pendant has to be my favourite. Simply wonderful!
    Gaby xo

  11. I LOVE these Lisa! They are so modern and so old all at the same time!

  12. Such beauty- a great spin on all of those extra buttons!

  13. Very nice with the buttons. There are so many cool ideas that polymer clay artists come up with.

  14. OH LISA!!!
    I LOVE this red polymer clay pendant!!!
    It is FABULOUS!

    The button pieces are great too.