Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Showing my Work

I spend most of my time promoting other people's art and I love doing that. But I thought I would give you a glimpse of the work that I have done.

My style tends to be earthy; I love to work in natural mediums.

Here are some of my gourd dolls using a gourd as a base and paperclay sculpted face and limbs:

Fertility, Gourds, handfelted hair and dress, paperclay face and arms

All That I Am, Gourds, Paperclay, handfelted rug

Tribal Madonna, 2 gourds (they come apart) paperclay, acrylic paint, polymer "elk's teeth"

Here are some gourd bowls, one painted, one woodburned and colored pencil:

Cooper's Hawk, gourd, woodburned, colored pencil,
pine needle rim, cooper's hawk embellishment

moon and venus
Moon and Venus, Gourd, acrylic paint, Elk Leather Rim, feathers

Here is a bit of my pottery, which was what led me to working in gourds in the first place. In the summer, when I wasn't firing at school, I decided to see what could be done with the gourd.

Break Blue Trio
Break Blue Trio, Cone 10 firing, handbuilt

Raven and Splash, cone 10 firing, Wheel Thrown

Woodburning on a canoe that my husband built:

And finally, a drawing and a drawing that I did a couple of years ago. Even when I'm drawing or painting, there is nature involved:

aspens drawing

Hope you enjoyed the show! And now you know a little more about me.


  1. I love your gourd work, and pyrography. The natural spirit of the pieces seem to emerge. :)

  2. wow!BRAVA!!!!!!THANK YOU!!! I love your works!!!!

  3. wow!! very nice work lisa!! i love your pottery! ...something i want to learn to do someday... xox linda

  4. I love your work! multi-talented ! Your doll is beautiful! When I see your work I am thinking warm, earthy, organic and beautiful. When I go to art shows I am always drawn to the pottery. I love the break blue trio. Your doll fits right in with the pottery. I love it!

  5. Lisa, your work is incredible - the word "earthy" comes to mind. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Lovely work Lisa! Such soul in those faces. Beautiful.

  7. Marvelous work, and so diverse! I am glad to be able to see your work. Raven and Splash remind me of my time in Alaska, beautiful pieces, and your drawing is so unique!

  8. Lisa, you are so multi-talented. Your work definitely evokes the spirits of nature in such a wonderful way! Thank you so much for sharing, a true delight to view!



  9. Each piece is beautiful and inspiring. And always your strong, pure spirit shines through. Thank you for sharing these works of ar.

  10. Lisa, how amazing that this post is about how "earthy" your art is! For your work is so beautiful and brings the fruit of this amazing earth into focus to be cherished and enjoyed. I can't believe you did the bear upside down! He is gorgeous and the perfect spirit guide for your husband's canoe! Thank you for sharing these views into your artistic talent!

  11. What a beautiful collection of work! With so much talent, it must be hard to choose what to work on! Thanks for showing us.

  12. Your art work is amazing! Love especially your pottery.
    Thanks so much for coming to visit me at my Blog and for your lovely words. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

    Best to you,

  13. The doll is great! So is pottery and other things as well. But I love dolls the most. Such a lovely face she has! Can't even imagine how it is made, that makes it even more amazing.

    Love your art.

  14. I had seen some of your gourd art before, it's beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing your pottery and the wood burning. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Lisa, I saw all your GORGEOUS Work and had to let out the biggest squeal!!!! I love your work, the gourds ,pottery and your woodburning. It's just gorgeous :)
    I am so glad you posted these pic's. Do you still do the wheel thrown pottery?
    ~Have a great weekend,

  16. Lisa, Please, please show us your work on a regular basis. What an inspiration. I think Sue said it well, "You evoke the spirit of nature" through your work.
    You got soul, baby!

  17. Your work is beeeaaauuutiful! Especially your figures and are so lovely. I tried using paper clay a few times and found it difficult to work with so I am always impressed when I come across an artist who can use it with such great results! Your pottery is wonderful too (love the break blue trio)..I can tell you put so much of yourself into your work:)