Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back from my trip and new bracelets

I made it back home after more than a week away. I don't leave again until next Monday. I have a class to teach in Placerville on the 9th. This is the project that I'm teaching. It's made from a gourd and I call it the Jeweled Leaf Bowl.

I spent most of the first days in bed with the flu, along with my grandson and daughter. Good thing her husband was away and that her bed was big enough for us sickies. We did some art, Bubbies (that's me) got on the skateboard with the kids several times (no pics to prove it, though), and I hit up a neat craft store, a bead store, and a cool little gallery called the Shabby House.

Here are a couple of projects that I worked on: A Dogwood Blossom pendant

And one of the two bracelets that I finished in Boise:

Here's the promised picture of my niece, Teagan Rose, and also my grandson Jake.


  1. Love the bracelet - I am a button freak!!! The pics of your niece and grandson are fantastic, thank you for sharing!


  2. Lisa, thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment on my doll. If I lived near Placerville I would be taking your gourd class. I love that. Love your button bracelet.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I like the!
    And that photo of your baby nice is so cute!

  4. Precious kiddles. Makes you smile just to see them. Are you on one of those Women's Vitamin Energy Packs? I might get this much done in two weeks. That gourd is amazingly beautiful and Love the nostalgia of the button bracelet. I'll bet it has a wonderful sound too.
    Thanks for the sweet comments about James. I'm anxious to hear about your record idea.

  5. you have ART in your house! kids are ART!!!!! and so your pendants and jewels and have the flu like me!

  6. I love the jeweled gourd Lisa. its beautiful.

  7. I love the dogwood, the bracelet, the leaf gourd, your precious kids, all this new life... it is beautiful Lisa!

  8. love the button bracelet! fabulous!!!
    thanks for stopping by and leaving me you sweet comment!

  9. What a great way to put to use all those buttons! Looks great! Love the children photos too, darling baby with a sweet name and what a handsome boy!


  10. Your niece and grandson are so precious!

  11. Gosh! The art, the kids and that store are all beautiful!! Lucky Lisa. :-)

  12. New bracelet and other stuff are looking fantastic... Your grandson and niece both are looking so sweet