Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Blog to Visit

This is my daughter Erin's blog.  I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to share this crafty blogging thing with her.  The creative streak runs strong in our my other 2 daughters, too!


  1. Of Bubbies, you flatter me! Thanks for posting a link to my blog...I need all the help I can get for exposure!

  2. hey Lisa,
    This is Claudia, form Handmade Con Amor. Thankyou so much for leaving your sweet comment on my "The need to breathe" post! I often think that this type of post will also scare people off (the same way you feel i guess, when posting about cancer). But sometimes it´s just something you need to do. It´s healing in a way. Once in a while I just need to do this to get through life and continue to love it. I guess I thought that when we survived our son´s illness, we were basically over the worst this life would throw at us. laughy, laughy, giggly... , not so funny, but i´ve got a weird sense of humor. My husband and I have considered moving. It´s just that we have so much time and money invested in our home and buisnesses, and we have absolutely no savings or money to spare. He says that if he had money to invest, he´d take us to the States...then comes the "latin trying to move to the US" subject. It´s hard. But last night, we held eachother and decided that we were going to renue our faith in life together, one more day. one day at a time. Stay safe, and stay happy. Leve our house only at certain hours, stay alert, have backup plans, teach our kids how to duck, but also how to bake, play in the garden, enjoy bike rides and paint with mommy. I loved hearing from you! Thanks again...Clau

  3. Clau, You have a beautiful outlook on life and it's a pleasure to meet you. I feel inspired by you and your family!