Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Need Creative Energy!

I've had the worst flu that I have had since 1978. Probably H1N1 but didn't go to town to have it checked. I figured I didn't want to spread it unless I got into real trouble.

So it's finally on the way out, leaving me weak and disoriented.

I will get back to some creative thinking eventually and some visiting of your blogs.


  1. So sorry to see that you've been ill! I've been meaning to stop by your blog as well. Hope you find your energy soon, but don't push it! Most who've had it have relapses if they try to do too much too soon.

  2. Sounds like you've had a tough time of it. Hope you are up and at 'em real soon!

  3. Oh no! I hope you get back on your feet soon. Take care of yourself--that stuff sounds nasty!

  4. Sending good thoughts your way. Take care of yourself. HUgs!

  5. I had a nasty flu bug like that in the Fall (also think it was H1N1, and also didn't go to get it checked). Make sure to not try and bounce back too fast, or you could rebound....speaking from experience :(


  6. I hope you are feeling better. Everyone has their remedies but this one is so easy and works!
    Just have several cups of very hot water(in a nice mug) a day. Don't add anything to it and sip it as hot as you can stand it.